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Our vision is to change the way that brands and products are discovered, as well as support new paths to the ways entrepreneurs and artists earn a living. By allowing the brand or person to connect directly to a wide-ranging and diverse audience of communities, we believe that we will revolutionize the way media and advertising is created and consumed globally.

We want to give every independent brand, entrepreneur and artist an equal opportunity to build their digital reach and achieve their vision to become a trusted influencer or product brand expert. Only a microcosm of brands and people ever “make it” big in the business controlled by a few conglomerates, or at least big enough to be a full-time influencer or recognizable brand. CJCLIVE exists to give you a shot at YOUR VISION through our HD streaming broadcast system.

  • OWN your own TV CHANNEL
  • Stream your content globally on the Cloud via a Smartphone
  • We offer VIDEO PRODUCTION services
  • Take control of your VISION
  • CJC claims no royalty rights to your content
  • Get paid in Cryptocurrency
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Our CJCLIVE Network is viewable virtually anywhere in the world where there is access to Internet servics. Entrepreneurs, Advertisers, Charities, Musicians, Church's, Schools, Business and Personal portfolios can promote themselves on our CJC Live Network.


JRG Token

Earn income via CJCLIVE’s built-in crypto-token



As you use CJCLIVE to grow your customer base, you’ll also earn a share of the revenue generated from your channel


Channel Subscriptions

viewers and customers can support you by purchasing a monthly subscription to your channel in exchange for access to special perks


Video Transcodes

Quality options allow viewers to select the video quality that best suits their internet speeds.


Cheering / Tipping

A revenue driving way for viewers to show you their unwavering support and celebrate the moments they love during your broadcasts


Broadcast Yourself

To thousands of simultaneous viewers using our STS platform. In turn, our commerce component, explained below, allows the easy and free exchange of commerce of virtual and real-world items.

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